Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food of a Different Sort: Feeding the Homeless Makes a Difference

     As you may know, every time a month has a fifth Thursday St. Peter's participates in "The Lord's Table." Spearheaded by Kay Abe, The Lord's Table offers a free dinner to any in need, 5 nights a week, served on folding tables under the I-5 overpass near James Street. Recently, Kay passed on a copy of a letter letting us know how valuable this ministry is. It reads...

"Dear Kay,

    Just a quick note to say hello and thank you for the beautiful Easter card. Life is going very well for me. I have been clean off all drugs for 3 years as of March 7th! School is going very well for me. My first quarter my grade point average was 3.76! I was so happy.

     I was thinking of when I read your Easter card, that if anyone ever wonders if the work you and the people of the Lord's Table makes a difference please show them my letter or have them call me. You and your crew make a difference that has changed my life. I will never forget your love & kindness shown to me.

Thank you.

Love and blessings to you,
Daniel "  

It is not only the body we feed in this ministry, but by God's grace, we feed the lives and souls of others with the love of God that we bring to the Lord's Table.