Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Neighborhood: Jundkins Park Dump

Did you know that Judkin's Park, about seven blocks southeast of the parish buildings, used to be a dump back in the 1940's? See the archival pictures here .  Today the site is home to a new skate board park, the Mountain-to-Sound commuter bike trail, and tennis courts with I-90 tunneling almost below. You can see an updated list of its amenities here .

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Neighborhood Ministry Opportunity: Good Neighbor Advisory Committee seeks new member

Dear St. Peter's,

Here is an opportunity for us to maintain involvement in our community:

In 2012 DESC (Downtown Emergency Shelter Center) opened its Crisis Solution Center on 16th and Lane, just 2 blocks from St. Peter's Episcopal Parish. Martin Powell graciously served as our representative in the formation of the Good Neighbor Agreement between representatives of the Jackson Place neighborhood and the Crisis Solutions Center. And now the Advisory Board seeks new member(s).  

Jana, from King St. Cooperative Preschool, writes...  

"I have been representing King Street [Cooperative Preschool] for the past two years on the Good Neighbor Agreement and then Neighborhood Advisory Committee  for the Crisis Solutions Center on [16th] and Lane.  Because I am no longer a [preschool] Board member, and [my child] has finished preschool, I just attended my last meeting.  I told the committee that I would try to find an organizational representative to take my place.  I am wondering if St. Peter's would be interested in once again having a representative on this committee.  I think it is important community and service work, and the time commitment has become much more manageable.  The primary purpose of the committee is to facilitate communication and understanding between the neighborhood and the crisis center.  There are still a few members of the immediate neighborhood that remain very skeptical of the center and continue to oppose it.  The Neighborhood Advisory Committee serves a very important purpose in fostering healthy communication, accurate information and education regarding the services and clientele.  The committee currently meets every other month for about an hour and a half.  The next meeting will be the first Monday of October.  The committee can choose to decrease meeting frequency even further if determined that is appropriate. 

If there are any questions about the facility or the committee, I'm happy to ... chat about it...."

If you are interesting in serving St. Peter's and its neighborhood in this capacity, please contact the office at 206-323-5250

Article & videos: EAM@40 celebrates legacy of Asiamerican ministry

Asian Ministries

“We will not find the reign of God if we’re unwilling to migrate down the road and across the barriers that separate us from God-with-us in those we too often call alien, foreign, or other. Those others are also part of God’s body, and our own ultimate healing depends on discovering that they are part of us, we are part of them, and we are all part of the same whole.” - Presiding Bishop, Katherine Jefferts Schori at the 40th Episcopal Asiamerica Conference in San Francisco in June (2013).  

Read more and see videos here: Article & videos: EAM@40 celebrates legacy of Asiamerican ministry courtesy of the Episcopal News Service (ENS).