Friday, July 29, 2011

New Staff: Our "Community Architect," Jessie Thompson

           In August, a new member will join the staff team at St. Peter’s. Jessie Thompson, our seminarian intern for the past year, will be taking on a part time paid position at St. Peter’s. Some of the best leadership advice I’ve heard says that when you find the right person you keep them. Once you have the right people together, THEN you worry about what you ought to be doing. (See the book “Good to Great” and the chapter about “getting the right people on the bus.”) When we have gathered the people that share a common calling, that calling emerges to the forefront naturally.

Jessie Thompson
            As Jessie’s internship was coming to a close this past spring, I heard from both the vestry and her discernment group about the desire to keep Jessie ministering right here. On top of that, there were many reports of her ministry touching lives through Coffee Connections on Sunday, the monthly Theology Pub, and from members whom she had invited into the St. Peter’s family. The Spirit was stirring.

            After several months of prayer and deliberation the Vestry put together a financial plan* that allows us to offer Jessie a part time job of “Community Architect.” She will be a builder of community and relationships. If you have met Jessie, you know this is already God’s call on her life. She draws people in and brings people together with life-giving passion and enthusiasm. We’ve had a taste of this in the past year and we like. We like it a lot, and we want more than just a taste!

            So in August, Jessie will commence her duties. What are those? Well, we know she will be creating and building community – what she does best. How Jessie will do that is something that will have to emerge naturally, organically, prayerfully, and Spirit-lead.

            Please welcome, Jessie. She is a great reminder that God gives us what we need to do what God has called us to do.         

In Christ,

Fr. James+

*The financial plan includes [1] recouping more of our operational costs from our facility users (i.e. lowering overhead costs), [2] relying on account surplus to temporarily fund the position, and [3] the discernment that God is inviting St. Peter’s to grow in its ministry, funding, membership, and faith. 

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